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The Cleveland area is home to SO MANY playgrounds & I know you all love a great playground!
If you follow along on Instagram, I share a bunch there as well but I also wanted to make an easy to find list that can be used any time of year!
If you click on each of the names, it will take you to a Google Map of all the locations or a site with more info.
Alright, let’s get going – this list is separated by Downtown, West Side, East Side, & South Side for easy reference!
At the bottom of this list, you’ll find a link to the Google Map of ALL locations or simply TAP HERE.



1. NORTH COAST HARBOR PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This is downtown Cleveland’s first & ONLY playground. There’s no direct address but if you head to North Coast Harbor (also for parking purposes), you’ll be sure to find it. It’s tucked away right next to the Great Lakes Science Center & William G. Mather Steamship. The playground itself is steamship-themed & pretty cute. Lots of opportunities for climbing & spending some time outdoors with extraordinary views. You can also take a pic at one of the Cleveland script signs. FYI – no public restrooms around unless you hop into the science center. See more on Instagram.



2. EDGEWATER PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for more info – A beautiful, new playground – The Lindsey Family Play Space – has come to Edgewater Park at Lakefront Reservation. It is the largest of its kind within the Cleveland Metroparks system See more on Instagram. Restrooms nearby.


3. DRAKEFIELD PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – New in September of 2022, Drakefield Park in West Park received a firefighter themed upgrade. While this one is awesome, please do keep in mind, it’s a neighborhood playground which means parking can be tricky.


4. LAKEWOOD PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – Lakewood Park Playground is an amazing playground in Lakewood right along Lake Erie. I believe it was 2015 when this park went under a MAJOR renovation to look like it does now. The playground used to be one of those standard wooden playgrounds. A fun feature of this one? The aerial playground of course – but be warned, this spot definitely gets crowded. While you’re there definitely check out the solstice steps & the skyline views at the northernmost part of the park. There’s plenty of paths to walk around & enjoy a beautiful day. Restrooms are aplenty here. See more on Instagram.


5. MADISON PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – Another great one in Lakewood. My son calls this one the “battleship” playground as he loves to pretend he’s on a ship because of how tall it is. This one is located right next to Becks Pool. If you’re not very close to Lakewood, I would highly recommend doing Lakewood Park & this one to get some great play time in. There are restrooms here. See more on Instagram.


6. GRANNIS PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – A really nice hidden playground in Fairview Park. While the playground is super nice, parking is a little tricky here as it’s more of a neighborhood playground. There are side streets to park & walk to it but no dedicated parking lot. The playground, on the other hand, is a really great size for kids of all ages & there’s plenty of places for mom & dad to sit. There are no restrooms here; however, it’s very close to all the shopping areas to find one.


7. LINDEN PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – A very nice playground in the heart of Rocky River. This location is also a popular spot for sledding in the winter. The playground has sets suitable for all ages. The bigger one is super tall so be sure to watch your little ones if they manage to climb up it. There is also a small sand pit here. There are restrooms here.


8. ROCKY RIVER PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This one was newly renovated last year. Besides the newer pirate ship themed playground, the view & scenery at this lakefront playground in Rocky River is what sets this one apart. Come for the playground, stay for a picnic at the lake. There is a restroom here as well.


9. PLAY IN BAY PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – One of the nicest wooden playgrounds in the overall CLE area in my personal opinion. Located in Bay Village, there is a TON of equipment here made for all ages. The best part if you have little ones is it’s entirely closed off so super safe. There is a very nice sand pit filled with trucks to play in & so many climbers, even one shaped like a boat for all the imaginative play you can ask for. There are restrooms near the aquatic center it is adjacent to. See more on Instagram. *please note, the entrance says this is for residents; however, many community members say it is open to all.*


10. BRADLEY PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – Newly renovated in Bay Village, this playground has something for everyone including some musical play. If you have a child that loves to climb, this is a great spot. There are restrooms here.


11. REESE PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – Another great playground in Bay Village featuring a sand pit & plenty of greenspace to run around in. This is an ADA fully accessible location. Restrooms are available.


12. WESTLAKE RECREATION PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – Located at Westlake Rec Center, this playground has 3 different playgrounds to play on. If you have kids that are a variety of ages, this location is perfect. Tons of slides & climbing equipment. There is also a huge hill super popular in the winter to sled, walking trails (that include a storybook trail) & even a fishing pond. Restrooms are available here. See more on Instagram.


13. CLAGUE PARK – tap for more info – Newly renovated in Westlake, Clague Park is a fully accessible playground with something for everyone – including two ziplines! This playground also has super squish soft flooring – no mulch for the win! There are shaded sitting areas & restrooms nearby.


14. JAMES DAY PARK PLAYGROUND & WARRIOR FITNESS COURSE – tap for Google Map – Newly open in 2021, the James Day Park in Parma got an upgrade with an entire Ninja Warrior-esque fitness course right next to their inclusive playground. The ninja warrior course is intended for kids ages 5+.


15. SURRARRER PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This fairly newer playground in Strongsville has a large playground for older kids & a smaller one for younger kids. There’s also a zipline here! There is a porta potty.


16. MUCKLO PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – Mucklo Playground located within Coe Lake is truly a personal favorite of mine. If I lived closer to Berea, I’d be here every day. The playground portion itself has so many fun sets. One shaped like a pirate ship, the other massive playground with sets for older & younger kiddos has huge slides & plenty of places to run & play. A popular feature to this one is the zipline. After the kids have ran off their energy at the playground, go for a scenic walk around Coe Lake or stay to have a picnic. The park also has a storybook trail. There is a porta potty here & restrooms that are open when the pool is. See more on Instagram.


17. DORA LEE PAYNE PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – Another great playground in Berea that was recently updated in 2018. If you don’t live close, I’d definitely recommend doing Mucklo & this one while you’re in the area. This space themed playground is so great. It’s not every day you come across a playground shaped like a rocket ship! There is a restroom here but a little bit of a walk from the playground. See more on Instagram.


18. PARKNOLL PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This is a MASSIVE playground in Berea. Not a lot of shade but something geared for everyone here. Porta potties are available by the baseball field.


19. MARQUARDT PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This newly renovated playground in Brooklyn is out of this world fun. Super unique structure for lots of climbing fun. Although small in general, a decent place to bring the kids if you’re looking for something different including a storybook trail. Restrooms are open seasonally. See more on Instagram.


20. BROOKLYN MEMORIAL PARK – tap for Google map – Looking for shade? Brooklyn Memorial Park is the playground for you! This mostly fenced in playground offers wonderful shade & covered swings for parents to relax while the kids run around. There’s also two playgrounds for little & older kids. Restrooms are available here.


21. SOUTH CENTRAL PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This playground in North Ridgeville has it all. Shade from trees on a hot day, climbers for different age groups, sand pit, & a fishing pond. It’s a really great spot to also have a picnic at on a nice day. This location is super popular for town events such as the annual Corn Festival & fireworks for 4th of July. There is even a story book trail here as well as restrooms. If you are a resident of North Ridgeville, there is a splash pad to cool down in the summer.


22. EVERY CHILD’S PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This is a fairly newer playground in Avon. There’s many accessible features here & a variety of things to do like a firetruck climber & an interactive musical set. Our favorite part? The swing zipline. Be forewarned, it’s pretty hard to pull up if you’re by yourself but doable. I’ve even seen some younger kids doing it themselves but I’m sure it depends on the child. This playground also has a storybook trail in the woods behind the playground. There are porta potties here. See more on Instagram.


23. NORTHGATE PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – Another really nice playground in Avon. The nicest part to this playground is the pirate ship climber. There is also a really cute pond, walking path, & plenty of shaded spots to have a picnic. Restrooms are available across the street at the Lions Club community building. See more on Instagram. 


24. SCHWARTZ PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – Recently renovated in 2018, this playground in Avon has a Ninja Warrior type of feel to it. Plenty of climbing structures & cute little playhouses. Restrooms are available. See more on Instagram.


25. VETERAN’S MEMORIAL PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – Another nice playground in Avon located at the home of what used to be The Duct Tape Festival. The playground is a great size & also features a sand pit. There are restrooms here.


26. EAGLE POINT PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for more info – New in 2022, this nature themed playground in Avon is a great way to spend a day at a park. The main attraction here is a pond right next to the playground where you can go fishing! The playground is not huge but definitely worth a mention. There is a porta potty here.


27. WEISS FIELD PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This baseball themed playground in Avon Lake is really cute. It’s a nice size & there’s plenty to do here from one of those roller slides to many structures to climb. There is a dog park & skate ramps as well. In the summer there are misters to keep cool. There’s big open fields here, perfect for a walk or picnic. Restrooms are available although open seasonally. See more on Instagram. 


28. MAUDE NEIDING PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – Located in Amherst, Maude Neiding Playground is another nice wooden playground to check out. A few years ago, the equipment from the Children’s Developmental Center was relocated here to right in front of the wooden playground so you have two completely different sets to explore. Lots of options here for a fun filled day. This location has a walking path, plenty of space for a picnic, & restrooms can be found when the pool that is adjacent to it opens for the season. See more on Instagram. 


29. CASCADE PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This musical themed playground in Elyria is an all inclusive one for children of all abilities to enjoy. Located in Cascade Park within a Lorain County Metro Park, this is a perfect place to spend a day outside. Recently renovated in 2018, there are trails, the Black River, & if you enjoy a hike; there’s one that will take you to beautiful waterfalls. There are restrooms here. See more on Instagram. 


30. EAST PARK – tap for Google Map – This playground in Elyria received a major update in 2021. With a separate area for toddlers, a zipline, & set back from the road, this playground is a great spot to spend a nice day. Restrooms are available.


31. LAKEVIEW PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – *CURRENTLY REMOVED FOR REPLACEMENT* This is probably the best playground to go to during the summertime. It’s located right on the beach at Lakeview Park in Lorain. If your kiddo loves playing in the sand, they will absolutely love it here & while you’re at it, just make it a beach day! While the playground isn’t extravagant, it is very nice & the area is just beautiful. More on the park itself can be found here. The park has a beautiful rose garden when in bloom, plenty of walking paths, & even a cafe that is open seasonally. Truly a one stop shop & worth the drive if you plan to spend the day or a few hours. Restrooms are available seasonally. See more on Instagram. 


32. SHEROD PARK – tap for Google Map – Newly updated playground in Vermilion with beautiful views of Lake Erie with also a smaller playground for little ones. There is a porta potty here.


33. NEW RUSSIA TOWNSHIP PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This playground in New Russia Township in Oberlin scored big with a farm themed addition in 2019. This park is open seasonally with an April 1st open date. The farm structures are super fun & interactive while there is still a traditional playground with slides & climbing structures. The park itself is really beautiful with plenty of places to walk, picnic, or even play tennis. There are restrooms here. See more on Instagram.



34. HEROES OF MANUFACTURING PARK – tap for Google Map – This newly constructed STEM based playground in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland is located at the world headquarters of MAGNET. They renovated this space as a gift to the community to enjoy.


35. PRESTON’S HOPE PLAYGROUND – tap for more info – Preston’s H.O.P.E. is a 60,000 square foot playground in Beachwood for children of all levels of abilities & disabilities. The main feature here is Imagination Village which are make believe houses where kids can explore, play, & learn. Restrooms available seasonally.


36. PEPPER PIKE PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – Newer playground right next to Preston’s Hope in Pepper Pike. There are restrooms here.


37. ORANGE VILLAGE PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map Orange Village Park in Chagrin Falls is a beautiful playground with the soft ground (no mulch is always a plus in my book!) & activities for all ages. Don’t forget to check out Chagrin Falls Waterfalls if your schedule allows it! Restrooms available.


38. SOUTH RUSSELL COMMUNITY PARK – tap for Google Map – This newer playground in Chagrin Falls is nature themed & offers a variety of climbing obstacles. Not a lot of shade here but worth a visit if you’re already in the area. There are no restrooms here but downtown Chagrin Falls is closeby.


39. AROUND THE WORLD PLAYGROUND – tap for more info – This newer playground is right across the street from Shaker Heights Library. This one is completely fenced & there’s also a walking path. Restrooms available seasonally.


40. BRAINARD PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for more info – This one isn’t a huge playground but it’s very unique with all its tunnels & being right next to Brainard Spray Park in Lyndhurst which is a hit during the summertime.


41. LYNDHURST PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for more info – Newly renovated in 2021 by added a new accessible portion to the playground, this one features a fun obstacle course, rock wall, musical equipment, & a zipline. This playground is located right next to Lyndhurst Pool for summer fun.


42. PARKVIEW PLAYGROUND – tap for more info – Newly renovated in 2021, Parkview in Mayfield Village boasts a large toddler/youth playground that includes state-of-the-art playground equipment, a sandbox, a rubberized play surface, and a pavilion that is available for rental.


43. HIGHLAND HEIGHTS COMMUNITY PARK – tap for more info – This great playground in Highland Heights has super tall tube slides & a separate playground for little ones. Restrooms are open seasonally but there is a porta potty here.


44. WALTER STINSON COMMUNITY PARK – tap for more info – Very cute nature inspired playground in University Heights which also has a water feature. Odd Dog Coffee is there on weekends! Restrooms are available.


45. PLAYGROUND OF POSSIBILITIES – tap for more info – Located in South Euclid, this playground is a part of Bexley Park. If you enjoy a castle-esque playground, this one is for you! Restrooms are available. There is also an outdoor bike pump track in Bexley Park on the opposite side of the playground.


46. MIRACLE LEAGUE PLAYGROUND – tap for more info – This is a fully inclusive playground in Eastlake right next to the Lake County Captains stadium & features a zipline + a rubber surface! Restrooms are available.


47. FOREST HILL PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for more info – New and improved! Forest Hill Park in Cleveland Heights has been recently upgraded. The large play unit is for ages 5-12 with a sandbox is next to the picnic shelter, & a set of swings. Restrooms are available.


48. BARBARA H. BOYD PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for more info – Another playground in Cleveland Heights that has been recently renovated! Restrooms are available.


49. DENNISON PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for more info – Yet another recently upgraded playground in Cleveland Heights – stop & see them all! Restrooms available near the basketball courts.


50. PATTERSON FRUIT FARM – tap for more info – The market at Patterson Fruit Farm in Chesterland is a super fun barn themed one. Shop local at the market & then tire the kids out before the ride home. Public restrooms are available.


51. ADVENTURE PLAY AT JORDAN CREEK – tap for more info –  Adventure Play at Jordan Creek Park in Painesville provides a fun venue to develop confidence with physical challenges in a social and interactive natural setting. A second zipline is now open for even more fun!


52. NATURE PLAY AT PENITENTIARY GLEN – tap for more info – Nature Play at Penitentiary Glen Reservation in Kirtland features interactive sites designed to engage children in creative & imaginative play. Kids can traverse through an acre of green landscape with logs to climb on, tunnels to crawl through, & hillsides to roll down.



53. BACCI PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This brand new playground has a massive structure for the older crowd equipped with musical features, a carousel, & swings!


54. LIBERTY PLAYGROUND – tap for more info – This playground in Independence is a beautiful one! There’s ziplines & a ton of equipment so be sure to go early if you’d like to avoid crowds! See more on Instagram.


55. KIDS QUARTERS – tap for Google Map – This playground outside of Brecksville Community Center is a great size for all ages & has a zipline!


56. ANDREW’S NATURE PLAY AREA – tap for more info – I wouldn’t exactly call this a “best” playground but I think might be worth a mention. This new play area in Brecksville has balance & climbing structures, slides, tunnels, & swings.


57. MEMORIAL PARK PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This mostly fenced in playground in North Royalton has something for everyone & provides great shade. There’s a separate toddler playground, fishing pond, paved walking trail, & more! Restrooms are a short walk away.


58. NORTH PARK – tap for more info – This recently updated playground in Brunswick has obstacle course features as well as standard playground activities including a separate toddler playground. Be sure to check out the lake behind it! Restrooms are available.


59. NEURA PARK – tap for more info – New to Brunswick in November 2022, this inclusive playground is accessible for all to enjoy.


60. LONGWOOD PARK – tap for more info – This playground in Macedonia is part of a 300 acre park so after you enjoy some playtime, go fishing off the pier or explore the miles of hiking trails here.


61. CASCADE PARK – tap for more info – Cascade Park in Hudson is an open meadow and a wooded area. A stream with waterfalls flows through the park and into a natural peat bog. Park amenities include a playground, three ball diamonds, a handicapped accessible pavilion, full-court basketball and two 3/4 mile picturesque trails.


62. BROADVIEW HEIGHTS FIELDS PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This newer playground has two treehouse structures as well as a variety of play features including swings, slides, platforms, assorted climbers, power pods, & a wrap around loop.


63. BROADVIEW HEIGHTS COMMUNITY PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This is a perfect spot in the summer months to visit the great playground & splash pad this is right next to it!


64. J.U.M.P. PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – If you love a wooden playground, this castle themed (& partially fenced in) one in Medina is HUGE! There are porta potties here.


65. CAROLYN LUDWIG MUGRAGE PARK – tap for more info – A beautiful, inclusive playground in Medina with a dog park & storybook trail. There are restrooms here.



66. SKiP PLAYGROUND – tap for Google Map – This brand new playground in Stow has something for everyone including a zipline & super large play structure!


Tap the map below for a Google Map of all the locations so you can scope out what’s nearby!


*Please note – this list is by far not inclusive of ALL playgrounds in Cleveland (reserving this list for the best of the best!) & will be updated as time goes by.
If you have a favorite you think should be added, please reach out & contact me HERE!

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