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Teens and Vaping


Our “Ask a Teen”, Juno,  has an older brother.  He read the article “Smoking Is Out But Vaping Is In With Teens” and has some comments.  The article looks at vaping from an adult perspective.  He wants to address the issue from a teen’s viewpoint.


The Bigger Issue


The article barely touches on the real issue…nicotine addiction.  Like it says you can become addicted to it.  But the article doesn’t really show how easy it is for nicotine to become an addiction. Teens also don’t realize that we are way more likely to get addicted.


Vaping as a Safer Alternative


Vaping presents as a safer alternative.  Teens are not told that it actually has more nicotine than cigarettes.  The flavors like Dr. Pepper, cotton candy and strawberry make vaping appealing.  Not only do these flavors taste good, but they don’t seem nearly as harmful as a cigarette. 


vaping and teens


Stressed Out Teens


All that nicotine gives you a ‘high’.  Teens are incredibly stress and have a lot of pressure on them.  You can find many vaping at school. It’s pretty easy to get away with and helps take the edge off of all that pressure. Frequent bathroom breaks are the perfect place to vape.  And help with the everyday stresses.


Talking to Your Children


The article also says “learn the lingo” that teens use before you talk to your kids about vaping.  I would encourage that you don’t.   Because kids will just think its funny that you’re using kid language .  We will not pay attention to the real situation.  That there is the vaping crisis.  Just talk to your kids.  Believe it or not, we do hear you.  Not going to always listen.  But if you just talk to us without trying too be cool, we will take you more seriously. Don’t tell us just to not do it.  Tell us why vaping is bad.  Talk to us about nicotine addiction.  Just telling us “don’t do it because I said so”, doesn’t mean anything to us.  Honestly, we are probably more likely to try it.


It’s Losing it Appeal


Vaping is losing it’s appeal with more information accessible to us (teens) via the schools and internet.  Nobody, except people who vape, think vaping is cool anymore.  In fact, there is actually a negative stigma against vaping in schools.  This is a recent occurrence, since more information about vaping has surfaced. Unfortunately, those that have been vaping are now addicted with little resources to quit.


Helping to Quit Vaping


We really want more information on nicotine addiction and how to quit.  If we want to quit, we also want your support.  Judging or lecturing us about it doesn’t help.  Don’t tell us how dumb it was to start.  It’s too late.  We are hooked and we need help to quit.

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