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It is time for another upcycled fun project with Renee Krohn. This time we will be working with “No-sew Linen Yarn“.  It uses old fabric gathering dust somewhere in your house!

Upcycle Old Fabrics

I am all for donating old clothes to charitable organizations. In fact, that is where most of my clothes do go; but I can’t in good conscious donate things with holes in them or big stains from who knows what. I know shredded jeans are back in style, but really? I am not giving someone clothes like that. Who would want pillowcases that are shredded or a fitted sheet that has lost its fit? I am talking about the stuff that in no way fits the title “gently used.”
If you have been following me, you know I don’t like to just throw things away in a landfill. So, what else to you do with clothes and lines that can’t (or shouldn’t) be donated? You make them into yarn of course!
But I can’t sew! Pfft! Nonsense! You don’t need to.

Supplies Needed

Supplies for this project are about as close to $0 as you can get. You will need some old linens or clothes (free). You will also need sharp scissors. Some crafters say they have fabric scissors and everyday scissors. That is a GREAT idea. Dull scissors make cutting fabric a very frustrating process.
I am using some old pillowcases for this project, but you could easily use an old sheet, t-shirts, jeans, dress shirts, tablecloths, or just about any kind of fabric you have in the house. Pillowcases make a reasonable sized ball of yarn and do not take too long to make.

Creating No-sew Linen Yarn


Cut the fabric into strips about 1-inch thick. No need for a ruler here, you can just eyeball it (unless you REALLY need/want that exactness). If you are working with thicker fabric, like denim or corduroy, cut strips a little thinner so they are easier to work with.

When you have all your strips cut, take the end of one and fold about ½” (again, no ruler needed) and cut a small slit in the center of the fold.

Take the end of a second strip and repeat do the same thing. You will end up cutting slits in each of the ends as you join the strips together.

To start making your yarn, feed one strip into the other through the slip about 2”.

Take the other end of Strip 2 and feed that through the hole in strip 2.

Pull the inserted end all the way through until the two strips are knotted together.

Keep joining all your strips together this way until you have one long strip. You can then roll it up like a ball of yarn.

I recommend only joining 1-2 pillowcases together to keep the yarn ball manageable. Teaser for an upcoming project, you may want to make 10-12 yarn balls of your favorite color(s).
Upcycle mini lesson and yarn created by RenKroDesigns.  Check out more Eco-friendly artwork and ideas on Facebook @RenKroDesigns or Instagram @RenKroDesigns.

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