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G.R.A.C.E. Elderberry is a woman owned business in Cleveland born in 2020. They have 1 product: Cinnamon Elderberry Syrup marketed in 3 sizes. Elderberries are known for their immune boosting properties & helping stay well. Taste and quality are what sets their elderberry syrup apart from most brands in the market. It is one of the few brands that is 100% Natural with zero artificial preservatives, fillers or ingredients. It contains zero thickening agents or acidulants. All its ingredient suppliers are certified Organic, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free. You can take their elderberry syrup the traditional way like a shot or you can incorporate it into different recipes. They have different recipes from lattes, mocktails, oatmeal, teas, lemonade, on top of pancakes/waffles/ice cream, cocktails and so much more. With recipes, your daily elderberry doesn’t have to be “boring.” It pairs well with other berry, citrus or floral flavors. G.R.A.C.E. Elderberry is also part of the Ohio Proud program affiliated with the ODA & are licensed & registered with the FDA. The elderberry syrup is manufactured in small batches made with love.




Eight and half years ago, I had two small boys that started to bring home the wealth of germs from daycare and school. They shared their germs with my husband and I on a frequent basis. We ended up with a household of sickness that would rid itself of one sickness and on to find another. Due to my passion of incorporating natural medicine into our daily lives, trying to keep my family well, and the fact that my husband and two sons had kidney disease, I started to research a natural option that would boost our immunity. I stumbled across Medical Research studies on the efficacy of elderberries and how it prevented or decreased symptoms of the common flu, H1N1 (the pig flu), cousin strains of Covid, viruses, colds, and allergies. I decided to trial my entire family taking elderberry syrup every day for a couple of months. The trial outcome was remarkable. My entire family stayed well during our trial.

We decided to implement taking elderberry on a regular basis, but I did not want my family to continue taking the commercial brands for a few reasons. First, the commercial elderberry syrup brands were loaded with artificial preservatives and ingredients, fillers, and thickening agents not necessary for our bodies. Secondly, I couldn’t find a brand that was all natural with clean (organic, non-GMO) ingredients. Thirdly, the cost of elderberry syrup brands to take on a regular basis for a family of 4 was exuberant. Lastly, the variety of commercial brands we did try, tasted awful. The couple month trial was a battle to get everyone to take their daily dose of elderberry syrup. My experience personally and professionally, it doesn’t matter how beneficial or heathy something is for someone, if it doesn’t taste great, chances are, taking it long term will not fare well and it will be discontinued due to taste.

G.R.A.C.E. Elderberry can be purchased directly online or at any of their 50+ locations at area retailers.


Check out their commercial that was featured on HSM!

For more information, visit: graceelderberry.com

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