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If you’re a work-from-home mom or a stay-at-home mom, it can be hard to get stuff done with busy kiddos running around. But it is possible! Here are some fun, easy ideas for keeping the little ones entertained (with something other than screens) while you get your work done.




Coloring and art. Coloring is the old standby but it is tried and true. Grab a stack of coloring books and a bucket of crayons and let them go at it. Easy art activities than can do on their own are also great. Stringing beads, drawing, stamps, and stickers are all fun things to do and they can pretend they’re doing “work” while you’re doing your work.







Dough, clay & sensory, yay! Things like playdough, clay, foam, slime, and kinetic sand will keep kids busy for an hour. Sensory bins are also fun. Fill a bin with sand or rice or beans and other fun items and let them just play.







Let them help. If you’re getting chores done around the house, or even if you’re not, letting little ones pitch in is a great way to build their confidence and make them feel like their contributing while having fun. Kids love to Swiffer, sweep, dust, and fold laundry. They also love to sort and organize.





Quiet time play. If you need the kiddos to quiet down, puzzles, books, activity boards, quiet toys and pretend play are all great options. It’s important to have a separate play space where they can create an imaginative space. Once they do, they’ll stay in it for a while.








Go outside. If you can take your work outside, go out and let the kids play while you work. If you have outside chores to do, let them help. They can help clean out and wash the car, rake leaves, pick up sticks, pull weeds, etc. And everyone gets some much needed fresh air.


Be sure to block out your time each day and set a routine. Have supplies ready to go and have back-ups. And have a space for them to play or create.  You can do it, mama!

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