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Fall crafts can be so fun! They’re a chance to celebrate the season and upcoming holidays. We found one that also gets you out into nature, enjoying that beautiful weather. Painting acorns is fun and easy and can include a nature walk!  Here’s what you do:







  1. Find a cool local park and take a leisurely stroll with the kiddos. Pick up as many acorns as you can find along the way. You can even make it a game. Try to find only the ones with caps. If the caps fall off as you’re collecting them, don’t worry. You can glue them back on later.
  2. Bring your collection home and roast them on a foil-lined baking sheet at about 170 degrees for about two hours.
  3. Gather different colors of acrylic craft paint and brushes. After the acorns cool, begin painting them with the grain. If the caps fall off, use hot glue to reattach them once the paint has dried. You can give them one coat of paint or more depending on what you think looks the coolest.
  4. Let them all dry, reattach any caps and then find a fun way to display them. You can use old jars, or fill the bottom of a candle tumbler or find a decorative tray.
  5. Enjoy your painted acorns all season!

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