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NAPRIM Naturals is a local, direct to consumer, online skincare business in Cleveland.

As a hairstylist for over 19yrs, NAPRIM Naturals owner Stefanie Lendzian, realized one day in 2019 while working on a female client with short hair with a razor to clean up her neck, that there wasn’t a powder to clean off those pesky hairs & to treat her irritated skin. Normally, with short men’s cuts, they used the Clubman Talc Powder that has been around for over 200 years. However, it was scented specifically for men & was filled with harmful ingredients.

Stefanie couldn’t believe there was nothing safer to use on women & even kids that didn’t smell like an old man. Through clients, she got connected with different companies in Cleveland that helped entrepreneurs get started. Magnet was one that really helped with all the guidelines in starting a business, market research, & developing the product. So after a long couple months of trying out different formulas & bottles, Stefanie developed the Dusting Powder – an all natural talc free dusting powder to be used on the back of the neck after a haircut service.

NAPRIM Naturals Dusting Powder is unscented, hypoallergenic, has SPF protection, & is able to blend into all skin tones. It truly is a product for everyone! Her clients loved it so much they wanted it for at home use; however, during that time, Stefanie’s daughter had a horrible skin condition & contracted dermatitis all over her legs. Her family lived at the dermatologist. All the creams & ointments they prescribed burned her skin & irritated the surrounding skin making it worse.

She asked if they had a more natural product, more like a powder so it was soothing to the skin & they looked at her like she was crazy. That led her to research plant based powders to treat eczema, irritation, inflammation, redness you name it. They stopped all medicines & used the powder. It was so soothing to her skin to apply. It did not attract bacteria to the area like the heavy creams did. Her skin cleared – it was amazing!

In 2020, Stefanie launched her website & first product. She had so much lined up with hair shows & events. Then the pandemic hit. She couldn’t market to barbers & stylists who were out of work. So she thought maybe others were struggling with their skin & open to the idea of using a powder instead of a cream or lotion to treat it. She connected with a wonderful woman, Gretchen, who helped get her branding together & really learn to market to the consumer.

She was able to get into some test groups on Facebook & it took off. By September, NAPRIM Naturals had launched the Nourishing Powder to treat eczema, skin irritations, rashes, breakouts, & blemishes. You name it – the powder can help it. As a hairstylist, Stefanie learns a lot from what her clients are looking for when it comes to their skin & hair. She was struggling to find a dry shampoo that blended into her dark hair & didn’t leave a residue behind. Clients would complain about their dry scalp & so I came up with the Dry Shampoo which launched last November. This Dry Shampoo treats your scalp, absorbs oils, & protects it from the sun all while not leaving a film in your hair like the others do. Countless conversations with clients, family, & friends really has helped Stefanie in her market research to see what people need & want. All of them have helped connect her in some way & motivates her to continue building this brand!

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