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Today I want to talk about water. Water is so important for our bodies, it always seems like everywhere you look people are trying to drink more water on a daily basis by doing just about anything from getting water bottles that literally scream at you with intense graphics to drink more or reminders on their phones. I know as moms, sometimes it can be difficult to get that daily intake we all need so bad. An easy way to help with this is a Distillata water cooler. One has always been on my radar but for one reason or another, we just haven’t been able to bite the bullet. We always thought they were big & bulky with nowhere to put it but I recently discovered Distillata based in Cleveland.


Distallata Water Cooler


They offer a variety of water coolers for your home that are sleek and slim. Our basement is now a proud owner of their neatest coolers they have to offer. I just love how the jugs are hidden underneath. One of the best parts about Distillata is that they deliver these water coolers & the 5 gallon jugs straight to your home. So when you run out, you don’t have to worry about lugging those big containers home! Setup for the cooler we have was super easy. We had cold water in a matter of minutes. I also really like the hot water feature because let’s face it, fall is coming. It will be perfect for my raspberry zinger tea I just love when it starts to get chilly. No more staring into space waiting for water to boil!

Check them out! They’ve been providing quality water all over Northeast Ohio since 1897. We love local businesses here & to have something so convenient is such a benefit. Another plus side to an at home cooler is helping in the aid of reducing our plastic use. It’s something I’m always try to be so conscious of. Small steps lead to a big impact. This is a great way to start!

You can find out more about Distillata here: https://distillata.com/

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