Discount Drug Mart $500 Gift Card Giveaway - The Cleveland Moms

Could you use a little pick-me-up this holiday season? Good news: I’m teaming up with Discount Drug Mart to give away a $500 gift card on Instagram to use toward anything in the store! That means gifts for the family, all your favorite holiday beverages, last-minute groceries, and so much more.

We’ve all heard that classic jingle — “Discount Drug Mart saves you the runaround.” But did you know that’s especially true for moms? Seriously, they have EVERYTHING you need, from baby products to snacks to a little something to pamper ourselves. I know as well as anyone that being a mom to little ones means your to-do list is always growing. You’re constantly juggling a million things while trying to keep the kids happy, healthy, and not covered in mud (or is that just mine?) That’s why I love Discount Drug Mart: they’re a one-stop shop that actually understands the mom hustle.

First up, let’s talk baby essentials. Diapers, wipes, baby food — you name it, they’ve got it. And for those of us who feel like we’re buying diapers every other day, Discount Drug Mart’s Baby Rewards Program is a godsend. Every time you spend $40 on qualifying baby products you get a free $5 gift card at checkout. It’s like they’re rewarding us for surviving parenthood!

Dealing with the dreaded cold and flu season? This time of year is always a challenge, especially with little ones in the house. Whether you need a fever reducer and cough medicine for the kids or something to soothe your own sore throat (because, let’s face it, we don’t get sick days), they’ve got you covered.

Now, onto something more fun — makeup! Maybe you’re trying to hide those under-eye dark circles courtesy of your nocturnal newborn, or perhaps you just need a little pick-me-up. Let me tell you, their cosmetics aisle is a treasure trove. And if you’re anything like me, sometimes a new nail polish color is the closest thing you get to a spa day. Plus, with their Premier Beauty Club rewards, you’ll get a free $5 gift card at checkout when you spend $25 on qualifying products!

And then you have your mom fuel. When coffee is the only thing that can turn you from a walking zombie into a semi-functional human, Discount Drug Mart has you covered. And their wine selection is perfect for stocking up so once the kids have finally crashed, you can pour a glass that says, “You survived bedtime – cheers!” (by the way, their annual Wine Cellar sale is going on now!)

From household cleaning supplies (because, mystery stains) to a snack aisle that will make your kids think you’re the coolest mom ever, Discount Drug Mart has it all. And you can get in and out quickly, leaving more time for… well… everything else moms have to do. It’s the place where you can get everything you need quickly and efficiently, with a side of rewards and maybe a little treat for yourself. Because you deserve it.

Don’t forget to enter my $500 Discount Drug Mart Gift Card Giveaway on Instagram before December 15th for your chance to win! And of course, make sure you stop in to Discount Drug Mart for everything you need this holiday season and beyond. Happy shopping — may your carts be full and your tantrums few!

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