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Side hustles are most commonly talked about as something 9-5ers can do in their spare time. But I know from experience that side hustles are amazing vehicles for full-time moms, too. Not only have I started multiple side hustles while momming, I’ve helped many others do the same. Reasons why moms should side hustle abound: to pursue a passion; to make some extra coin on the side for a family vacation, a summer camp, or something just for mom; to try their hand at something new; or to fill time when the kids are at school in a meaningful way. The biggest barrier to either starting or growing a side hustle I see is that people think they don’t know how. The truth, though, is that side hustling can be simple!

Here’s how to get off the ground in just four steps:

Step 1: Pick your side hustle

If you already know what you want to do, great. But if you don’t, that’s not a problem. Ideas are everywhere and all you need to do is explore. Start by asking yourself these three questions: 

  • What are you good at? (you don’t need to be an expert, I promise)
  • What do you love doing? (given the choice between doing this thing and watching a Disney Pixar movie you’ve already watched two thousand times, would you choose this?)
  • Are people willing to pay for it? 

If you’d like some help narrowing down your list or generating some new ideas, feel free to reach out for a complimentary Pick Your Gig strategy call. These calls are one of my most favorite things to do and sometimes we need an outside perspective to help us make a quick decision.

Step 2: Get your business essentials in order

You don’t need a lawyer (I should know – I am one!); not yet anyway. This does not have to be hard or take up much time. Just do these three things to begin. First, set up a separate checking account for your gig. Second, have a system for tracking income and expenses. This can simply be the old-fashioned paper and pen method; I used that for many years and it worked just fine. Third, decide how you’ll take payments. You can use venmo, paypal, or personal checks.

Step 3: Create your offer

I suggest starting with just one offer. Do a little market research, which simply means set aside an hour to let google tell you what others in your field are up to. You’re looking to find out what others in the same field offer, and how much they charge. When you craft your offer, consider whether there’s an obvious reason you should be charging at the high or low end of the range you’re seeing. If not, pick a price in the middle range to start. Decide on the parameters of your offer – will you charge by the hour or sell a package of sessions?

Here are a couple of examples:

  • 3 customized meal plans a week for $120. Includes shopping lists, step by step recipes, and a nutritional breakdown.
  • Writing package of 10 hours of writing consulting, coaching, and edits for $1500.

Step 4: Tell people what you’re up to

Reach out to your network via email, texts, social media, or some combination of all three, and simply let them know about your new hustle! You don’t need a fancy announcement or marketing campaign. You just need to let your people know that you’re open for business and ready to help them or anyone they may know who could use your services.

Sindy Warren is the founder of Blue Tree Coaching, a life and business coaching firm in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2021 she created a group coaching program called Side Gig School and has helped dozens of individuals start and grow side hustles so they can experience more freedom in their lives. Here’s a glimpse of what Side Gig School grads say:

“I was stuck for over a year with an idea, and no clue how to turn it into something tangible. After my first meeting with Sindy, I knew I’d found my perfect guide!”

“SGS has given me something of my own. The support and relationships gained from the group and Sindy is what makes this program so special.”

“After 5 weeks, my new Side Gig began and exploded.”

“The skills that we are acquiring are not only beneficial to our businesses but can be applied to everyday life. As a result, I have felt happier and more accomplished than I have in a long time.”

School is in session on June 13! Want to know more? You can schedule a complimentary clarity call by clicking here.

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