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Chiropractor Myths: Are They True?


Hey Moms (and Dads)…You stressed? I bet it… You tired? I get it… You achy and in need of some serious TLC yourself? Of course…

I am here to tell you that it is all going to be ok! I’m here to tell you that chiropractic care can help! Whatttt??? You say… Why?


What treatments do Chiropractor’s preform?


Most people think of chiropractors for neck pain, low back pain, and sciatica.  Yes, we do really well with these conditions. That’s the easy stuff.  Aside from musculoskeletal complaints, chiropractors also focus on the stresses of the body.  And how stress can manifest itself into signs and symptoms that the body is being overwhelmed. So…chiropractic care is NOT just about back pain and headaches. Here are some common myths regarding chiropractic medicine:


Chiropractor Myth #1


Are chiropractors real doctors? medical books

Yes! Chiropractors complete 8 years of higher education.  The education includes a 4 year bachelor’s degree and a 4 year doctorate degree. The chiropractic curriculum is actually higher in classroom hours vs a medical doctor’s schooling.  The main difference is that chiropractic students don’t do traditional rotations.  Medical students have a  clinical experience in every setting.  However Chiropractor students, focus their clinical hours solely in the chiropractic setting. Chiropractors are nationally board licensed.  They are also licensed in the states in which they practice.


Chiropractor Myth #2


Chiropractic care isn’t safe…


Chiropractic services are less invasive than many other forms of medicine.  Numerous studies have proven their safety and effectiveness for patients of all ages.

Chiropractic medicine is a natural and safe alternative to other treatments.  These treatments replace the need for traditional pain management such as steroids, anti-inflammatory medication and surgery.  Traditional care plans can be associated with risks, side effects and complications. All doctors, including chiropractic physicians, are required to pay for malpractice insurance.  However, chiropractic doctors pay much less for this insurance than medical doctors.  The reason?  Injuries resulting from chiropractic care are so uncommon.

NCMIC is a major malpractice insurance company for the chiropractic field.  NCMIC gives the data that primary care doctors pay annual premiums as high as $18,000 vs about $3,750 paid by chiropractic physicians.

chiropractics on kids


Chiropractor Myth #3


Chiropractors only treated neck pain, back pain and headaches…


Chiropractors are most widely known for treating musculoskeletal disorders.  However, their ervices are used to resolve or manage a variety of health conditions. More than 35 million Americans annually receive treatment from a chiropractor.  Ailments can include: acute and chronic pain, fatigue, chronic gastrointestinal issues, autoimmune or inflammatory disorders, diabetes and headaches or migraines.

Women will receive treatments for pregnancy-related pain.  Care is also used for conditions at any stage of family planning.  This is due to the benefits relating to optimal organ function!

The chiropractic curriculum focuses on diagnosing the most frequent conditions.  These are the same that a primary care physician might encounter. Most chiropractors are also very well versed in nutrition, unlike many medical doctors. They are known for out of the box thinking.  This plus their physical examination skills might help with getting to the root of your problem faster than a traditional medical examination.


Chiropractor Myth #4


Only adults could go to the chiropractor…


Some parents fear that chiropractic is unsafe or unnecessary for infants and children. However, chiropractic care for children dates back to the early 1900s. As a natural and non-invasive form of medicine, chiropractic services are a safe and effective first line of treatment for a number of child-related ailments. Some of the most common things we treat in children are: torticollis, chronic ear infections, stomach pain and gastrointestinal disorders (chronic constipation/diarrhea or reflux), sleep problems, hyperactivity, and growing pains.

Chiropractors can also provide preventative care to help establish healthy habits in children at all stages of their lives. Their goal is to make sure your child is developing optimally! For example, spine analysis can help identify posture habits that can greatly impact overall health.  These include energy levels, breathing, stress and sleep. Additionally, chiropractic adjustments encourage neuroplasticity.  It helps to prevent neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD and Sensory Integration Disorder. Also, getting your child’s spine checked early can detect scoliosis or joint disorders before they present with symptoms.

Chiropractic physicians work closely with other health care providers.  This helps to find the best treatments possible for their young patients.


Chiropractor Myth #5


Someone told me that once you start seeing a chiropractor you always have to go…chiro

Truth is, most patients realize how good they feel when they are in alignment.  They choose to continue to get maintenance adjustments, even after they are out of pain. Just like anything else…  If you start a new habit that makes you feel better and function better… Why would you want to stop?! We encourage our patients to be proactive about their health versus reactive.

I often ask my patients this: “Do you have hair?….Do you have a hair dresser?…Do you have teeth?…Do you have a dentist?…Do you have a spine?…Well, you should have a chiropractor!” Just like anything else in your life.  It is important to get established early on with someone to take care of your spine for regular check-ups and when something goes wrong.


Dr. Aimee Polgar is originally from Westlake! After spending 7 years in Florida for school, she decided to move “home” to Cleveland practice. She explored pretty much every healthcare field before deciding on chiropractic care. As a chiropractor, it is her ultimate goal to make our community a healthier one.  Dr. Polgar helps correct or manage people’s health with holistic methods.  This is a great alternative to the use of drugs and surgery for different health issues.  She currently practices at Great Lakes Health & Wellness in Westlake. She has a passion for helping people of all ages with making healthier choices.  Dr. Polgar wants her patients to not only feel better, but be better. Outside of work, she enjoys weight lifting, hiking with her yellow lab Luna, and golfing.  During the summer, you can find her boating.  Dr. Polgar loves traveling every chance she gets.  

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